Tailored and high-impact services for “Special Situations” investment funds and their portfolio companies/investments.

Informed and efficient outsourced solution for complex transaction structuring/coordination; critical crisis, liability and risk management; and event-driven trading analysis and strategy.

Our sole objective is to provide immediate and practical solutions that can adapt to inherently changing circumstances.

Transaction Coordination/Structuring

Uniquely multidisciplinary, yet deeply informed.  Develop creative structures and novel restructuring alternatives.

Coordinate with your multiple advisers to identify — in a timely way — and pursue the realistic and high-impact objectives.

Knowledge and skills, creatively applied — adaptability and optionality always preserved.

Event-Driven Trading

Identify and analyze fleeting trading opportunities.  Deconstruct complex capital structures and identify fulcrum points.

We assist in evaluating the position, defending it, and advancing strategies to increase value.  We work with advisers, committees, co-investors … even the malcontents … to achieve your goals and manage risk.

We have consistently produced unprecedented results.

Crisis/Liability Management

Solve the most Gordian problems.

Propose and help implement realistic and practical crisis and liability management plans.  Devise the best solution based on real alternatives and flexibly see it through to its conclusion.

We will work with you, as a trusted adjunct to your legal team, to identify and pursue novel and effective paths — and avoid treacherous pitfalls — that others can’t see or simply won’t see in time.